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Non-vegetable vegan Lasagne

8 Jul

I never remember loving lasagne, and I still have an idea that vegetable lasagne is the territory of the ‘Oh shit, I don’t know what to cook for my vegetarian guest’ cook.  Plus, a lot of lasagne is just plain bad.  So, quite frankly even I was shocked when I found myself pulling out lasagne ingredients from the pantry.  But this is not a vegetable lasagne.  This is a vegan version of a big, fat meaty, cheesy, greasy bad for you lasagne.

I kind of just threw it together, so there is no precise recipe (nor, I think, should there be for this type of comfort food dish).  The ‘meat’ layer is made with TVP, added to some fried off onions, leek and garlic, with some zucchini and parsnip, peas, two tins of crushed tomato, and some basil.  It’s fairly self explanatory, really – just throw it all together in a big pot.  I would have put carrots in there if I had them.  But, I didn’t.

The ‘cheese’ layer is a basic white sauce: I make mine by heating up rice milk and whisking in plain flour.  Then, I added a big spoonful of wholegrain mustard.  I like using wholegrain because it make the sauce look nice.  And, a huge bunch of nutritional yeast whisked in as well.  Oh, and probably some salt and pepper.

Layer the whole thing up, like a regular lasagne.  Easy!  Not particularly attractive, but damn tasty.

In other news:

I have decided that I don’t particularly like living in a non-vegan house.  Our old flat was pretty much wholly vegan.  S usually had a block of cheese, in a zip lock back in a special section of the fridge.  But today, I pulled a plate out of the fridge that I thought had some left over curry on it.  It was a steak.  A big, plate sized raw steak oozing blood.  Um, gross.

Not that I can complain too much because we are living here rent free and at a total inconvenience to my parents.  It’s just until we move though – the count down is on and I am about to be slugged big time for my settlement visa application…

Vegan ‘bolognaise’

14 Apr

Tomorrow is pay day, and S has been in the house alone for the past week.  Unsurprisingly, there was very little food in the cupboard when I returned home from New York yesterday.  Last night, I was so tired that I honestly didn’t care, but looking in the cupboard tonight didn’t really inspire me.  In fact, even I was amazed at what turned out.

So, I did have three main ingredients: pasta, untreated tomato pasta sauce, TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein – I generally put  it in pies and things for S to make sure he gets a good amount of protein while training.  This was the dark, caramelised one which I don’t really like).

With the pasta on, I started by smashing up some garlic.  I don’t have any onions or leek, which I would have normally diced up and thrown in the pan to sizzle away before I even considered anything else, and if I were to make this again I would most certainly include them.

Then I started to soak the TVP with water.  Even though I would normally stir in some salt and pepper and, depending, some gravy mix or spices, I left these plain.  In a saucepan (off the heat) I combined some untreated tomato pasta sauce (to give you an idea, this is like the base of pasta sauce with absolutely nothing added  – it’s basically thinned out tomato paste) with the garlic, some basil, some olive oil and a fairly generous dash of red wine (that I coincidentally already had in the decanter!)  Once it was whisked up with a fork I briefly threw it on the heat before adding the now ready TVP.  The TVP could easily be subbed for lentils. When the pasta is done and drained, and the sauce is hot just throw it all together.  Nothing else required (the vegetarian S didn’t even feel the need to smother this with cheese!)

This was insanely easy, quick and delicious.  It’s also pretty easy to modify – I already have plans for a full vege and lentil version!

Having said that, I am pretty stoked about our market trip tomorrow!

(Plus, an update on Vegan New York in the next few days!)