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Tomato-Pasta-Cook-In (a.k.a ‘What do do with left over soup?)

28 May

If you’re anything like me, when you make soup you really go all out and make heaps of soup!  Currently I’m enjoying carrot and fennel throw-it-together with some onion and leek and potato, and double-triple-creamy-tomato (based on the double-tomato recipe from the Veganomican.)  But, this isn’t about soup.  It’s about pasta – and, the left-over-one serve of tomato soup when there are two people who need to eat.  So, you turn it into pasta.

Start by thinning out the soup (or, if the soup is frozen, start by defrosting the soup – then thinning it out).  Then, cook your pasta in the thinned out soup.  I like to use spirals, but you could use any kind of short pasta you like.  You’ll probably need to keep adding water to the mix – but that’s okay.  When the pasta is done, throw in two tablespoons of Better-Than-Cream-Cheese, or thickened coconut cream (if you don’t mind the taste), or a splash of rice-milk.  Begin to stir, and start adding small amounts of plain flour – this will thicken the whole mix up.  Stop adding flour when it’s at your required thickness.

That’s pretty much it.  Sorry I don’t have a photo, though – I was going to take a photo of the third serve which I had put aside to take for lunch, but S beat me to it!

For what it’s worth, I made stir-fry last night and at the point of no return realised I hadn’t made a sauce.  Rice Malt Syrup plus Soy Sauce.  Trust me.

One more plus: once my thesis is finally finished, I am going to dedicate a bit (read: a lot!) more time to this.  It’s a resolution, baby.