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It’s the little things…

1 Jun

…that count.

Not feeling completely exhausted.  MasterChef Australia.  Having a peeler that I don’t have to battle with.  The power of steam.

Things that make me excited about getting into the kitchen and making things.  Making delicious things (and sometimes, making not so delicious things…)

All I need now is a food processor.  How did I ever live without one of these amazing things?  Plus, there is no way that I’m going to create any kind of culinary masterpiece of baby food without one.  Not that I will be making baby food for a while, but…  when the time comes, I’d like to have the processor set up and ready to wizz.  (Also, it’s so much easier for pastry when one is lazy with kneading like me.)

I’ve also been watching MasterChef Australia season three.  Apart from the fact that there is a small, devilish part of me that would like to eat George Calombaris.  I’m not sure he’d be able to successfully veganise anything of his, but boy do I love veganising his food.  And, although MCA is very, very meaty (particularly this season) there is something about it that inspires me.

And on that note, I’m not quite ready with the red wine braised tofu.  I think it needs another run (although it did pass the S taste test…) I will, however, leave you with some pictures of the dish mark 1 (and yes, you can see the wanky influence that watching a show like MasterChef has on my at-home plating):