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The Vegan and The Wedding

23 Jun

There comes a time in every person’s life in which they must attend a formal occasion during which food of some kind will be provided.  Many people experience anxiety over these events, mainly based around the common question of ‘what if I get something I don’t like?’  For the vegan, this anxiety revolves mainly around the question ‘am I going to get something that is a) edible, and b) not a stack of roast vegetables with nothing on it and c) am I going to get dessert that isn’t fruit salad?’ (I must say, I think that the whole thing is less anxious for the vegetarian, who is usually assured of receiving something smothered in cheese and, therefore tasting only of cheese).  Well, last Sunday I attended my first ever wedding in which I was not the bride.

At my own wedding, one year ago (in three days!) I did receive a stack of beautifully cooked vegetables in a very lovely roast tomato sauce, but I ate so little of it that it didn’t really bother me too much.  And, I don’t even remember what the entree was, so that shows you how much attention I paid.

Last Sunday, at the wedding of Nat and Darren – two of the most wonderful, kind and caring people around, I ate:

Entree: Pumpkin Soup

The soup was the same as one of the ‘regular’ dishes (the other was Minestrone), but without the cream.  S had the same (but with cream).  It was very nice, but lacked something (personally, I think it lacked coriander).  The thing that really stood out was the depth of pumpkin flavour.  I know that sounds silly, being that it is a pumpkin soup, but it really tasted rich even though it was kind of watery.  Now, I don’t particularly mind watery soup, but I think this would have been too much if it was any thicker.

S did say that he didn’t think he would be able to finish his bowl, and then did.  I didn’t, but not by much.

Main: Warm Eggplant and Avocado Baked ‘Salad’

Okay, I’m not really sure what to call this, apart from extremely good.  When it first came out, I’ll admit that I did think ‘Here is another stack of  vegetables…’ but cutting through the tomato reveled a wonderfully complex warm ‘salad’ type dish.

(I know that this isn’t the most wonderful-looking half-eaten dish you’ve ever seen, but I thought it would give you more of an idea about what the dish actually was!)

The dessert was a buffet, which looked wonderful, but of course the only thing on it I could eat was fruit salad.  S said that the chocolate and orange cake and the chocolate mousse that he had weren’t that good, but I know he was lying for my benefit.

Of course, S had a vegetable lasagna, absolutely swimming in cheese.

The day was wonderful, Nat was beautiful and they looked so happy.  The food was brilliant, but even if it wasn’t, you don’t really attend your friends’ wedding for the food, do you?

I have been inspired by Cutest Food to make watermelon cupcakes, hopefully will have a go tonight.  Plus, I’m almost ready to post the new muesli-bar cookie recipe.

The photo at the top of this post is of S and me, not Nat and Darren.  Though I can assure you she was a stunning bride, I didn’t want to post their photo without permission.