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This is what a vegan weekend looks like.

9 Aug

Go Pies!  (and, for S… Go Dees!)

Lentil Vol-au-Vents with roast vegetables

Angus reading the Eumenidies

Red Kidney Bean and tomato sauce

S hangs out in the backyard

Sunday Morning Scrambled Tofu with Onion

The S Special: Triple-decker sandwitches

Angie-Pants hanging out under the ferms

Oliver in the Sun

My back-pyramid…  after a painful trip to the osteopath

And – that’s what our weekends look like (when not studying or knitting!)

My Abolitionist Problem

12 Jul

I consider myself an abolitionist.  I believe that animals are not here for us to abuse or use.  I don’t believe that ‘happy meat’ is a good alternative to the horrors of factory farming.  In my mind, it doesn’t matter how great a life a (truly) free-range egg chicken has because its sole purpose in life to to produce eggs for human consumption.  And, that’s counter to the natural instincts of chickens.  Chickens don’t sit around thinking ‘gee, I really want to produce eggs above my natural capacity so that humans can eat them!’  My cats get to laze about all day and do what cats do.  They don’t live for my pleasure.  They live to be cats.  So, why can’t chickens just live to be chickens?

Angus, a.k.a Angie Pants, laying in the sun on the top of the couch

So, yes, I am an abolitionist.  I think the only true cruelty-free way of living is to eschew animal products, violence and put the maximum effort into living a harm-free life.  I believe that animals are not for our use; they are not slaves.

But – here is my problem.  New egg laws in California. Banning of sow-stalls in Tassie and the following review of the practice in the rest of Australia. They are good things for animals.  It’s good that animals are being thought of, that their welfare is being considered.  And, that is where my struggle lays.  I know it’s not enough, but I have to support these things because they are great things.

There isn’t a point to this post.  Until the (ab)use of animals is completely abolished I will struggle with this.  Always.

Oliver and me, asleep on the couch in the middle of the day…