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A Vegan and A Vegetarian walk into McDonalds…

28 May

No, this isn’t the start of a joke.  It’s a story about my wonderful husband, S, who used to live off KFC and Subway’s chicken fillet.  Last night we had stir-fry and when I asked if he wanted me to throw in some cubes of tofu he excitedly said ‘yes please!’   He doesn’t admit that he’s a vegetarian.  Well, that’s not quite right – he doesn’t like to label himself that way.  It’s easier to just not eat meat than accept all the ‘baggage’ that comes with a title.  That’s fair enough – even if I do secretly wish that he would just come out and be proud of the choice.  It’s not my choice to make.

When we first started dating, he wouldn’t eat Indian food.  I had to bully him into going to my favourite restaurant – our local Nepalese place.  Imagine my surprise when he vehemently agreed that our five-and-a-half week holiday should be spent walking through Nepal and eating through India.  There was one condition, though.


‘It’s the only place you can get true vegetarian McDonalds!’ he argued, ‘I miss the fact that we can’t just pop out and grab burgers anymore’ (even though we both pass different outlets of Lord of the Fries on our respective ways home…)  So, I conceded – we lived my childhood dream of walking though the Himalayas, and we went to McDonalds.  It was…  interesting.  Not exactly as I remembered.

But, right now, as we’re sitting on the couch after home-made bean and vege parcels, onto our second-bottle of Friday Night Wine, I just asked him what he thought the best meal we had in India was…  he said ‘That Peas Masala!’  We had it in an out-of-the-way little underground place in Kolkata.  Here is a recipe that I’m going to try out next week.  I’ll let you know how it goes…