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Duck Hunting in Australia

25 Jun

The duck hunting season in Victoria is over (it ran from March 20th to May 30th).  Before the season commenced, I mailed a letter to Premier Brumby (as did many other concerned Victorians).  Today, well after the completion of the season, I received a reply from Kylie White, Executive Director of the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services from the Department of Sustainability and Environment.  It was obviously a form letter, and addressed none of my specific concerns about duck hunting, nor actually addresses anything at all.

The simple fact is that duck numbers are declining.  They have declined more than 70% in the past 25 years, according to an article in the Age by Professor Richard Kingsford of the University of NSW (6/2/09).  This should be enough to stop duck hunting across the country, without having to mention the horrific pain and injury caused to waterbirds – and not just ducks, though hunters must undergo a waterfowl recognition assessment before being allowed to hunt.  Hunters wound as many birds as they kill, and birds wounded and not collected don’t count in a hunters daily ‘bag’ (last season this was eight per hunter, per day, though there were further restrictions according to duck species).

Hunting – all hunting – is barbaric.  What is also barbaric is that the Victorian government not only sees fit to answer community concerns about hunting with form letters that do not respond to specific inquiries but to also respond well after further action or correspondence can be taken.

Write to your local member, to the Premier, take action, be involved.  Not just about duck hunting, but about all hunting.  No matter what the time of year.  This barbaric ‘sport’ should not be allowed to continue.  For further information and action, see Coalition Against Duck Shooting and the Duck Shooting Fact Sheet.  Even the RSPCA is against duck hunting.