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Environmental Veganism

10 Jun

Although I haven’t been doing much amazing cooking in the last few days, I have been doing a vast amount of thinking; prompted mainly by the recent proclamation of vegetarianism by a very good friend of mine.  A part of the reason that I think he had not adopted the term earlier (‘vegetarian’) is because of the stigma attached to the label.  It’s the ‘crazy animal activist’ that he wasn’t ready to lumped with as it just didn’t describe him and his reasons for adopting a meat-free diet.  He is a new(er) breed of vegetarian or vegan: the Environmental Veg*n.

Among other things: ‘The global livestock industry is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all the planes, trains and automobiles in the world combined. Most of these emissions are in the form of methane from livestock—a gas that is 21 times more harmful than CO2. In fact, senior NASA Climate Change modellers now think that controlling methane could be a critical first step in attacking climate change.  According to experts, 1Kg of beef is the equivalent in green house gas emissions as driving roughly 170Km in a large family vehicle.’  You can find more over here at ‘Why Veg?‘.

I feel saddened that my friend felt alienated by the stigma of veg*nism, because as fellow vegans (or vegetarians working towards veganism) we should be supporting each other and we should want to save animals and the planet: the two are not at all mutually exclusive, and I care about both equally.  I think we should all care about the planet and want to do everything we can, and by alienating possible veg*ns, I don’t think we’re doing the planet or animals any favours.

The photo above was taken late last year in the Grampians in Victoria – S and I were preparing for our trek through the Nepalese Himalaya.  I chose this photo, rather than one of the amazing, beautiful, though-provoking shots of snow-capped mountains from Nepal because it is this type of environment that we possibly stand to loose – not just the amazing stuff.