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Savoury Crumble, for a little something extra

18 Jun

Here’s something that you’ve seen before, but with something new:

What’s in the bowl is lentil and mash – in the past, I’ve posted variations on this lentil-plus-mash concept a number of times.  It’s something so easy and quick that is also healthy and delicious.  But this one has something new!  That’s right – the savoury crumble.

The general premise is the same as the crumble that goes on the top of stewed apples to make apple crumble – only savoury.  You want to start with some flour in a bowl, with a pinch of salt, and then all you really need to do is rub some dairy-free butter into it.  I generally also add a little water at the end just so the whole thing isn’t butter!  Rub the mix between your fingers until it looks like this:

and then spread it out on an oiled baking tray and pop it in the oven until it’s golden and crispy.  Done.