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Potato and Leek Croquettes

6 Jun

Last night was the great-tapas dinner party, which was a huge success!  We had so, so much food and a fair amount of it didn’t even get assembled (I think that had something to do with the huge amount of wine that was consumed).  Two of the dishes that I offered into the mix were arancini (risotto balls) and leek and potato croquettes.

What you’ll need for Croquettes:

  • 3-4 decent sized potatoes
  • 1 leek
  • a spoonful of Nuttelex
  • 1/2 cup water
  • rice crumbs or bread crumbs
  • vegetable oil (for frying)

Peel and cut up the potato into rough chunks and put on to steam (or boil).  While that’s going on, cut up the white part of the leek into small squares.  The easiest way to do this is to cut the leek in half lengthways, pull out the center and flatten the rest of the leek out into ‘sheets’ and cut into thirds lenghtways, then cut those long strips of leek into squares.

In a small saucepan, melt a decent spoonful of Nuttelex.  On a fairly hot heat, put the leek squares into the melted Nuttelex and stir constantly for 2-3 minutes.  Be careful to scrape the sides down and get all the leek into the mix.  Don’t let the leek brown off.  Once all the leek is coated in Nuttelex, and are starting to look translucent, turn the heat right down, add the water and briefly stir around.  Leave on the head, stirring or shaking intermittently, for about seven minutes.  Once it’s down, take off the heat and set aside.

Mash the potatoes.  Do this however you like to mash potato.  My new method is in a food processor, with the plastic ‘S’ blade.  The good thing about ‘mashing’ like this is it creates smooth, creamy potato without any additives – so because it’s not laden with Nuttelex it’s a little healthier.

Combine the potatoes and the leek and stir until the leek is evenly distributed through the potato.  If you’ve done your potato in the food processor, you can just throw the leek in and give it another small wizz around.

Spread your crumbs onto a plate and, either using a spoon or your hands, roll your potato and leek mix into little balls, and then in the crumbs.  Once you’re all ready to go, heat up the oil in a medium sized saucepan.  If you’ve got a candy thermometer it can be handy to use it, and keep an eye on the temperature.  Your oil should be between 175 and 190 degrees c.  Fry the potato balls a few at a time until the outside is crispy and brown, rest them on some paper towel.  You can serve these either hot or cold – they’re really good with some fresh homemade salsa, and (as seems to be my constant suggestion) a glass of a big, bold, or slightly spicy red wine.