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TTK Election Edition Part One

10 Aug

This very brief Part-One of The Thoughtful Kitchen Election Edition(s) is about animal welfare and the three major parties – The Greens, Labor and the Liberals.  There will be a bigger edition about general environmental issues and why these issues are important.

To begin with Below The Line is a website that helps you create a how-to-vote card based on your own personal preferences, rather than blindly trusting your vote to the preferences of the party you vote for above the line on Senate ballots.

The Australian Greens: yes, it’s true that they are responsible for that terrible ad where everyone is walking backwards except the smug-looking guy.  But, here is what they say about animals, taken from here which expands on these Principles with Goals and Measures.

‘The Australian Greens believe that:

  1. animals have intrinsic value, separate from the needs of humans who have a responsibility to ensure   that animals’ rights are respected.
  2. we have a duty of care to minimise cruelty to animals resulting from human activity.
  3. native animals and their habitats must be protected.’

The Australian Labor Party: are responsible for putting the economy in the hands of Wayne Swan – who kind of looks like a monkey.  This is what they say about animals in Chapter 7, Point 188 of their National Platform.

‘Labor believes that all animals should be treated humanely and will work to achieve better animal welfare through harmonisation of relevant State, Territory and Commonwealth laws and codes to ensure consistent application and enforcement of animal protection statutes.’

The Liberal Party of Australia: yes, they may well be responsible for the ‘Action Contract.’  What does that mean, Tony?  And, surprise, surprise they say very little about the environment and absolutely nothing about animals or animal welfare.

What needs to happen? I am not in the business of telling anyone who they should vote for.  But, I think that people need to think first about global welfare rather than their own small-businesses (because, in the very least, if the world implodes with disaster then they won’t be too worried about their small-businesses then…)

Animals Australia include this list of concerns in their stock-letter about making animal welfare an election issue:

•    Does your party support a ban on live animal exports for slaughter?
•    Does your party support a phase out of factory farming of pigs, egg-laying hens, and chickens for meat?
•    Does your party support a ban on animal testing for industrial and cosmetic products?
•    Does your party support a ban on the commercial killing of kangaroos and wildlife for export?
•    Does your party support an enforceable national labeling standard for method of production for food (eg. organic, free-range)?

A Talking Pig

2 Jul

This is an old-ish video, but very good and worth a watch.  And, as I am a pig lover, I especially love that it is narrated by a pig.

(It’s originally from bizarro, where there are a bunch of vegan and animal rights related cartoons and stuff.)

On an unrelated note, we went out for dinner with some friends tonight.  We went to a Nepalese place where I had Dahl Bhat for the first time since we returned from Nepal.  It was pretty good – but nothing like the dahl bhat from an old Nepalese lady, in the mountains, after ten hours of walking uphill on Nepalese flat.

When in Nepal, remember: Dahl Bhat; all power, no toilet, no shower.