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It’s the little things…

1 Jun

…that count.

Not feeling completely exhausted.  MasterChef Australia.  Having a peeler that I don’t have to battle with.  The power of steam.

Things that make me excited about getting into the kitchen and making things.  Making delicious things (and sometimes, making not so delicious things…)

All I need now is a food processor.  How did I ever live without one of these amazing things?  Plus, there is no way that I’m going to create any kind of culinary masterpiece of baby food without one.  Not that I will be making baby food for a while, but…  when the time comes, I’d like to have the processor set up and ready to wizz.  (Also, it’s so much easier for pastry when one is lazy with kneading like me.)

I’ve also been watching MasterChef Australia season three.  Apart from the fact that there is a small, devilish part of me that would like to eat George Calombaris.  I’m not sure he’d be able to successfully veganise anything of his, but boy do I love veganising his food.  And, although MCA is very, very meaty (particularly this season) there is something about it that inspires me.

And on that note, I’m not quite ready with the red wine braised tofu.  I think it needs another run (although it did pass the S taste test…) I will, however, leave you with some pictures of the dish mark 1 (and yes, you can see the wanky influence that watching a show like MasterChef has on my at-home plating):


3 Oct

The all-new (literally) Thoughtful Kitchen Kitchen!  Yes, it is a corner – but it does contain an oven (hooray) and a four burner stove top (electric, which I will have to get used to!)  Last night we bought a baking tray from a store called Poundland (as you can probably guess, everything costs £1) and so, tonight culinary creation begins.

However – I have made a few things since moving in, and I wanted mostly to show you the very first cooked meal that this kitchen produced (don’t get your hopes up, it’s quite underwhelming):

Yes – it’s pasta.  I also just used a jar of sauce and added some generic veges to it.  See.  Very underwhelming.  At least you get a nice photo of Rupert The Honeymoon Duck as well.

But, I also wanted to gloat a little about how WONDERFUL food labeling in this country is.  It’s just sensational.  I haven’t had any problems at all, and many things even say very clearly on the packet ‘Suitable for Vegan.’  Also, I found out that my local Waitrose supermarket has Rice Dream.  And, it is awesome.

I was actually dreading having to ‘start fresh’ – I mean, S and I pretty much know what we like, what brands are good and can get in and out of the supermarket pretty easily, but that all changes when you arrive in a new country.  However, after realising how good the labeling is, I am quite looking forward to trying everything possible and finding the good stuff again!

So – there will be many more cooking wonders coming out of the tiny corner kitchen, but in the mean time S and I are writing a blog about our time in London, so feel free to read if you wish:

2 Oct

Rounding Up Old Kitchens (2)

30 Sep

Seriously, who doesn’t love the kitchen in which they learned to cook?!?

I don’t have a great photo of the kitchen, so instead, here is a photo of the two (very spoilt) cats who inhabit it:

The thing that I don’t like about this kitchen is the oven.  The hot spot is at the back in the middle, but even cooking requires constant turning.  And, that is not something I like to do.

The stove top is wonderful, though.  As is the plentiful bench space.

This kitchen brought you such culinary wonders as:

As I type, we have just moved into our new place in London.  I am looking at the new kitchen which, from tomorrow, will hopefully produce some wonderful, healthy, cruelty-free foods.  It has a brand new oven and a brand new (electric) stove top (which is called a ‘hob’ here…) which you will soon be introduced to: in sum, The Thoughtful Kitchen has a brand new kitchen…  let’s just hope it’s a good one!

Rounding Up Old Kitchens (1)

28 Sep

(in the face of gaining a brand new one)

This was the first kitchen from which The Thoughtful Kitchen was centered around, in Prahran.  Aside from the lovely pink and black marble benches, the single best thing about this kitchen was the oven.  Slightly dodgy, with a broken spark, I often found myself half-laying on the floor attempting to light it while simultaneously attempting to not blow the kitchen (and myself) up.  Once lit, the oven was just amazing.  It had a very even heat, with the bottom shelf slightly hotter and the top shelf slightly cooler.  It was just awesome.

Apart from the oven, the stove top was pretty good.  It was gas, which I like better, and it had enough room for a large stock pot on the back and a small pot on the front.  There was heaps of bench space, a beautiful double sink and the room for three or four people to stand around in the kitchen at any one time.

This kitchen brought such dishes as:

Kicking around in London Town.

24 Sep

Well, I don’t have anything particularly exciting to say except that S and I got internet back on our laptops!  Hooray – no more internet cafes!

As you’ve likely guessed, we have arrived in London and have begun the arduous process of trying to find a flat, jobs, getting phones, internet, bank accounts, oyster cards set up.  We have been on and off the tube so many times that we’re sick to death of it.

And, of course – I haven’t been cooking.

But, hopefully we’ll move into our very own self-contained room this week and there will be many, many more cooking adventures.  We’re heading off to see one tomorrow afternoon that I have a good feeling about!  Plus, I enrol at King’s College tomorrow so it must be a good day!

Much, much more to come:  just know, I’m still alive and kicking around London town.

The countdown is on…

6 Sep

I have a cake in the oven.  A good old Red Velvet Cake – it’s S’ favorite and I promised I would bake one for his birthday dinner tomorrow night.  I have big plans for the decorating, which I am going to attempt to keep a secret!

We started the ordeal of saying goodbye this past week, and our imminent departure is starting to feel very, very real.

I am feeling very scattered.  I am sad, and excited, I feel full of hope, and I feel full of apprehension.  I am oscillating wildly between consuming enthusiasm and intense terror: but, in a good way (if that makes any sense?)

The next few days, weeks, months and years are going to be hard, they are going to be filled with adventure and sadness, laughter and rage, exhaustion and hope.  I cannot imagine embarking on this adventure without S by my side: my best friend, my soul mate, my lover.  My other half.

The countdown is on… and it is bittersweet.