About The Thoughtful Kitchen

I am E, a 28 year old PhD student living in London, but originally from Melbourne, Australia.

This is, very simply, about the food that I make at home for myself and my husband, S, and our quest to live a healthy, green, non-violent life.

It’s about trying new things, about trying to eat healthy, about self-sabotage with chocolate-beetroot cake (I mean, it has to be good for you.  It has beetroot in it.  Right?)  I am not trying to write a cookbook or create amazing, original meals (although sometimes I do like to do this).  The food contained herein is normal, everyday food made from (mostly) normal, everyday ingredients.  Use them, change them, make them your own.


One Response to “About The Thoughtful Kitchen”

  1. conradvisionquest March 22, 2010 at 11:22 pm #

    yay! you’re right, there can never be too many vegan blogs as far as i’m concerned. can’t wait to see some recipes!

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